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In order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation, please supply us with the following information related to your request.

Where possible we will reply via email but for an immediate price or problem please provide a contact number as it may be needed.  A landline is preferable due to the fact that sometimes calls do become long ½ or even 1 hour sometimes & we would need to charge extra.

E-mail Address
First Name
Last Name
Company NameOptional
SubjectEnter the title of the question.
PropertyChoose the type of property.
PetsList your Pets and/or Guard Dogs.
BedroomsEnter the number of Bedrooms in the house.
BathroomsEnter the number of Bathrooms in the house.
Kitchens/KitchenettesEnter the number of Kitchens in the house.
Dining or Lounge RoomsEnter the number of Dining or Lounge Rooms in the house.
GaragesEnter the number of Garages on the Property.
ShedsList your Sheds and/or Garden Sheds and approximate sizes.
Eg. 20 x 12 workshop.
SuburbWhich Suburb is the property in? We service most suburbs in Brisbane.
Required Pest Control ServicesRequired Pest Control Services.
Eg. Moving out and need Flea/Cockeroach removal, Seeing cockeroaches (big or small), Silverfish treatment, Other Insects, Termites (please ring us immediately).
AdditionalAdditional Information about your problem.